About Counselling and Psychotherapy In Woking & Guildford

Counselling and psychotherapy offers you a confidential and understanding environment and gives you the opportunity look deeper within yourself and to work through the difficulties you may be having. Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and are at the same time each week. I offer both short-term and long-term therapy dependent on your specific needs; this can be discussed in your initial session.

Many people are aware that there are counselling services available to them, however it appears that many people do not understand what it’s really all about. This is quite understandable, considering there are different approaches to therapy, people hear of different people’s experiences and the media portrays it in many different ways. Firstly, I would like to make a distinction between counselling and psychotherapy. These terms are used more or less interchangeably due to the sharing of approaches, aims and purposes. However, the main distinction is that counselling is generally more short-term in comparison to psychotherapy and more problem specific, for example: bereavement counselling, addictions counselling etc. Psychotherapy on the other hand is generally more long-term and focused on long-term personality change and healing from more life-long, deep rooted difficulties. For simplicity, I use the term “therapy” when talking about both counselling and psychotherapy.

What you are offered in therapy is the time and space to reflect upon and look deeper into your difficulties, in a confidential setting, with a qualified professional. This gives you the opportunity to learn to understand what is going on within your thought processes and emotional states, and helps you to find a way to navigate your way through them- often producing a cathartic effect through the process. My aim is to be with you in your journey of self-exploration without heavily directing the process, this is known as Person-Centred therapy. The main concept behind Person-Centred therapy is that every person has the ability to flourish and grow in a manner that is best for them as unique individuals- provided the individual’s needs are met. What this means in therapy is that I will not tell you how to “fix” your problems or dictate how you should be, what you should think, what you should do, but rather trust in your own decision-making process and help you to deepen your exploration of your emotional and psychological processes in order for you to be better equipped to work through your specific concerns in an understanding and empathic environment. The relationship between the therapist and the client is of central importance, in fact, it is commonly accepted in the counselling profession that the relationship between therapist and client is an important factor. A therapeutic relationship can provide you the conditions that can enable you to be the person you are, and grow through understanding your difficulties. Therapy does not promise to make the world a better place, but rather, it offers the opportunity for you to accept the world as it is and grow through your troubles, leaving you stronger, wiser, and in a better position to manage your difficulties.

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